Distant Imaginary Uniformity


The landscape was uniform at one point. I imagined the green carpet of tree crowns intermingled to prevent the sun rays from touching the earth around their moist roots. I could hear them whisper through the wind, “not today…” Then the winds howled and the ground shook. Some of their branches broke and crushed their young, their hearts wailed in agony as they peered out into the distance at the upraised crooked wall of rocks that appeared out of nowhere. The uniformity was broken, children were killed, families forever separated in the name of change.



DSC00901 - Copy

The imaginary war took its toll. The land was laid waste, the earth scorched and cracked. Molten magma pressed against crevices eager to belch red upon release. The battle was epic. Man versus the environment. Greed versus survival. Oh what they did for a few dollars more. Don’t they know that there is always a balance to things? Don’t they know that they will pay in the end? The lava will flow…blood will run red…



One lead, the other follow…Out of curiosity, maybe loyalty or could it be a race…a race to a new beginning. Are they explorers seeking glory? To share exciting chatter about the far off lands beyond the river…maybe they will describe the strange creatures sitting in a dead tree that was moving in the river. I wonder what tales these friends might tell…I wonder what the world looks like through their eyes…