I Stand Alone


I stand alone, dare to thrive where others fell. I do not boast nor brag about this feat because alas, I am alone. The clouds gathered above in angry consort, enraged by my defiance and refusal to bend. A healthy root system and an unyielding trunk, I shall not be moved. Yea they come against me with chains of destruction, I shall stand with my leaves ready, ready to launch counter attacks defend by home. Yes it is I, the one who stands alone.

St. Peter’s Church, Leguan


St. Peter’s Anglican Church was originally constructed in 1827, however, this current structure was established in 1855. Located on the relatively serene island of Leguan, this church draws an air of mystique and uneasiness. Graves offer their salutations as one enters the periphery of the church estate and a dead calm permeates the atmosphere…no pun intended.